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Wasp Control

Wasps are considered pests for the painful stings they can inflict. There are over 4,000 types of wasps in the United States. Wasp control is warranted in circumstances when a wasps nest is established in a area in close proximity to people and pets.

Paper wasps and bald-faced hornets (hornets are actually wasps belonging to the genus Vespa) are particularly aggressive and their stings can lead to fatal anaphylactic shock in rare instances. Rentokil Steritech provides residential and commercial customers with effective wasp nest removal services.

Worried about wasps? Call Rentokil Steritech at 1-800-837-5520 to schedule for a Technician to inspect your property and develop a custom treatment plan for your situation.

Wasp Fact: A single wasp nest may have up to 25,000 wasps.

How Rentokil Steritech Performs Wasp Control Treatments

If you identify a wasp nest on your property, we highly recommend hiring a licensed pest control company like Rentokil Steritech to remove the nest. Proper training and protective gear is needed to remove a stinging insect nest successfully and safely.

Prior to presenting you with a treatment plan, your Technician will conduct a visual inspection of the exterior of your property including, but not limited to:

  • - Eaves, wall voids, overhangs and shutters.

  • - Attic spaces, fascias, rafters.

  • - Garages and garden sheds.

  • - Swing sets and play structures.

  • - Grills.

  • - Porches, decks and patios.

  • - Pool areas.

Your Technician will be equipped with personal protection gear, stinging insect pole and various treatment materials. Particular wasp species require different methods of treatment. Your Technician is trained to identify different wasp species and recommend the most appropriate control method for your situation.

What Does a Wasp Look Like

Wasp Appearance

Wasps are fairly large flying insects that are most often black and yellow in color but can be yellow and brown. Wasps have two wings, Unlike bees, wasps have narrower waists and typically have much less body hair. Male wasps are smaller than females and do not sting.

Featuring slender legs and a glossy appearance, wasps will build their nests on the exterior of a home or (in the case of European wasps) will build their nests in tree trunks or bushes.

Stinging Pest Species

How to Get Rid of Wasps with Rentokil Steritech

The most effective and safest way to get rid of wasps in your home or business is to rely on your local experts at Rentokil Steritech. Wasps can sting in large numbers if a nest is disturbed. Only a professional with the right training and equipment should be trusted to properly remove a nest.

While getting rid of wasps should be left to pest professionals, there are some steps you can take to make your property less attractive to wasps, including:

  • Double check that your garbage cans are shut securely.
  • Routinely check for wasp nests in common nesting spots like garages, sheds and the exterior of homes. The earlier you can spot a nest, the less problematic the infestation will be.
  • If you are concerned about wasps nests, we suggest hiring a pest control professional to inspect your home every year for nests as well as other pest issues.