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Rentokil Steritech offers reliable pest control for commercial and residential customers in the state of Washington. Our expert team of exterminators can help you with pests including: termites, rats, bees, bed bugs, spiders and more.

We offer dependable pest control in Washington - all across the Evergreen State. We make every effort to provide experienced service that will eliminate insects, rodents and wildlife problems. We make sure to remove the pests and then provide pest prevention solutions to keep them from returning.

Book an inspection online or call our pest service team to get advice on your pest problem. Our team of experts will do whatever they can to help make sure your pest problem is solved fast and effectively. We will provide pest control service for your home or business that you can depend on.

Bed Bug Control Washington

Bed bugs can infest almost any building. A small bed bug problem can quickly become a full on infestation very quickly. The tiny insects are hard to see and even harder to remove. Rentokil Steritech specialists are experts in using the latest detection and removal techniques to find bed bugs and make sure they're eliminated.

If you have been noticing bed bug bites or bed bug debris on your body or around your home, call the Washington bed bugs experts at Rentokil Steritech.

We will work with you and your family to find the right solution to get rid of bed bugs. We use heat treatments and other solutions, but the first step is to find the local Rentokil Steritech specialists nearest you.

Mosquito Control Washington

When the weather gets damp, your property could become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Although they do not like cold, mosquitoes can become a problem if the temperatures start to rise. Just a small amount of standing water is enough to become a breeding ground for mosquitoes all across Washington state. That means your property can have a swarm of mosquitoes pretty quickly.

Of course, mosquitoes are a potentially serious hazard and have been linked to a number of diseases. These include:

The specialists at Rentokil Steritech can help set up a barrier around your yard or property. We will seek out the hiding places for mosquitoes, such as the areas where they like to rest during the day. We will get rid of the mosquitoes that we find there, including the larvae and prevent their return.

Call us today and tell us that you are interested in mosquito control and we'll make sure one of our experts calls you with a solution for your property. Contact the Washington state mosquito specialists today.