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Property owners in the state of Virginia can have a variety of pests that can get inside their homes or businesses. Whether it's ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, spiders, mice, rats or others. There's no slow season for pests because different pests become more active depending on the time of year. If your Virginia property has a pest issue, there's Rentokil Steritech nearby and ready to help.

Call your local Virginia pest control specialist at Rentokil Steritech and get a free initial property inspection. Our trained pest control experts will search high and low to find the pests and offer solutions that get rid of the pests and prevent future problems.

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Bed Bug Control Virginia

Bed bugs are not something that you have to live with. Many people throughout Virginia experience waking up in the morning to find bite marks all over their bodies. The fast-breeding insects are experiencing a spike in activity in recent years in biggest cities like Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Richmond.

Our pest specialists our trained to spot the myriad of signs of bed bug infestations, including bed bug droppings and blood spots on the sheets. We will find the places where bed bugs hide and offer you effective bed bug treatments that will eliminate adult bed bugs, their eggs and larvae. Get rid of bed bugs effectively with your local Rentokil Steritech specialist.

The first step is to find your local Virginia Rentokil Steritech office and set up an initial property inspection. Contact us today.

Termite Control Virginia

Termites love wood and they love to eat. In fact, termites never actually stop eating and can eat and eat and never gain any weight. Termite sure can do a lot of damage to your home if left uncontrolled. Termites are very sneaky. The pests will infest the wood around your home and start chewing away for years before they're discovered.

Watch for signs, such as discarded wings, droppings, spongy floors and other signatures that indicate a termite infestation. If you’ve spotted any of these signs, call the local Virginia termite control experts at Rentokil Steritech. Our trained termite control specialists will find the termite nest and get rid of it in the most effective way possible to stop the damage and prevent their return.

Contact your local Rentokil Steritech experts today and set up an initial property inspection and discuss our termite control solutions.