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Certified Pest Exterminators Texas

All across Texas there are residents and business owners that need dependable pest control solutions. Rentokil Steritech offers timely local pest removal specialists for your property.

All of the Rentokil Steritech TX pest control professionals are trained to handle treatments and prevention methods for pests such as: spiders, snakes, rats, mice, flies and many others.

In order to schedule a free first inspection and consultation contact us online for an appointment.

Bed Bug Control for Texas

Bed bugs like warm places, which means they like Texas in general and your bedroom in particular. These parasitic bugs are found of bed because they can easily find a nice, easy, blood meal. Bed bugs are most often found in beds, sofas, carpets and hiding places nearby where people sit, sleep and congregate.

Trying to get rid of bed bugs on your own can be frustrating. Missing just a few bed bugs can result in a new infestation occurring. That's why you need to call the Texas bed bug control specialists at Rentokil Steritech! We can track down the insects in their hiding spaces and come up with a plan and treatment to remove them and prevent them from returning.

First, you need to get a property inspection to determine if you have a bed bug infestation. Contact your local Rentokil Steritech bed bug control experts for an appointment today.

Ant Control Texas

Texas is a state where ants thrive. Certain species of ants positively love warmer climates like Texas. Texas is even home to a new species of ant, the pesky Rasberry Ant.

Ants create pheromone trails in homes that attract other ants to infest the property. Ants look for food and sweet things to take back to their nests. No one likes seeing an ant trail in their kitchen or anywhere in their home or business.

Fortunately, our experts are here to help remove ants and their nests from your property. We will also provide an effective solution to eliminate the entire ant colony and offer suggestions to help prevent from coming back. Don't try using over-the-counter ant baits or solutions that may not be effective.

Get a property inspection and discuss your ant control options with your local Renotkil Steritech pest control expert today.