Termite Inspections for Home Purchases

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Real Estate Termite Inspections

We have been providing certified termite inspections for home purchases and commercial real estate purchases for decades. A wood destroying organism (WDO or ‘termite’) inspection is key to determine if there is damage to wood structures and if there are active infestations from termites. An inspection should be performed whether the escrow instructions require it or not to insure the integrity of the structure.

Why Choose Rentokil Steritech for Your Termite Inspection?

  1. We schedule at your convenience. We’ll work around your schedule, and show up on time. If your inspection is for an escrow, we’ll make sure that we meet your real estate agent’s deadlines. If you can’t meet us at the property, we can make arrangements for the key so that the inspection is completed within the time frame you need.
  2. We treat your home like it's our own. We make sure to cover our feet with shoe socks so we don’t tread dirt into your property. While we have to inspect every corner of the structure we’re also careful not to disturb anything unnecessarily and to put things back where we found them if they need to be moved during the inspection process.
  3. We perform a complete inspection. We inspect your entire home, attached structures (such as the garage), attics, basements and crawlspaces. Termites are tricky and they like to hide, so we go all out to find them. We check inside and outside the property looking for mud tubes, pellets, stains on wood, and kick-out holes or any indication of a current infestation or prior treatment. We also look for conditions that may lead to future infestations.
  4. We review and recommend treatment. We’ll go over our findings and recommend treatments. We will schedule any necessary work to be done as fast as you need it.
  5. We promptly deliver a clear and accurate final report. That includes a certification for work completed. They key to our inspection service is to deliver the most accurate report possible and to expertly perform any corrective work. We want the homeowner and the real estate agent to know what we found and to understand any recommendations.. We’re also happy to communicate with the buyer to ensure that all parties involved are clear on what was found and what work is completed.

Complete Termite Treatments

We have treatment plans and other processes for getting rid of termites and stopping them from returning. Rentokil Steritech is ready to help if you are in the process of buying property like a new house or building to make sure termites are not a problem.

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