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Pestfree365 year round pest control

Pests can be a problem all year long, and the type of pest on your property can change with the season. If it gets cold out pests like rodents try to get into your home to get warm and they will chew through doors, wood and other materials to do it. When the warm weather comes, you might worry about things like wasps and ants.

The best way to make sure your residential property is protected is through a Year Round Protection Plan. Our knowledgeable technicians have methods to take care of the most common household pests, anytime of the year. We will work with your schedule and your family to offer the best service possible.

The pestfree365 plan protects homeowners from the 36 most common household pests. For more details on the pestfree365 plan in your region, select the Rentokil Steritech brand below that services your location.


Ehrlich is the leading expert in pest control for the east coast and northeastern United States. With over 85 years of experience, they offer a reliable year-long pest protection plan that takes care of 36 common household pests.

Western Exterminator

Western Exterminator is the leading pest control company in the states of California, Arizona and Nevada. Their exterminators know how to take care of pests all year long. 


Presto-X has been doing business since 1932 and offers pest removal and pest control services in the Midwest and into the south. Protect commercial and residential properties from rodents and insects all year long.