Pest Prevention

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Pest Prevention

In October 2015, Rentokil and Steritech, two of the leading pest control companies in the U.S., merged to form one company, Rentokil Steritech, dedicated to providing customers with the very best pest prevention solutions.

Rentokil Steritech has an industry changing approach to pest prevention. It means that we do not tolerate pest infestations of any kind, under any circumstances, for any reason. 

With the industry's most knowledgeable, passionate team, we're dedicated to delivering pest-free facilities through our pest prevention services in the safest, most effective manner possible with our environmentally friendly approach.

If you have property and need specialists who really know how to prevent pests of all kinds, then contact Rentokil Steritech - the experts in precision pest control and pest prevention services. Contact your local Rentokil Steritech office and set up a property inspection and appointment.

Preventative pest control

Our goal at Rentokil Steritech is to not only remove but  prevent pests. The point of preventive pest control is to identify ways to stop pests from coming back. By implementing effective preventative measures, we need to use fewer treatments which saves our customers money and is better for the environment.

At Rentokil Steritech, we provide property owners with precise pest control services. Our Pest Specialists have been trained to find where pests are hiding and will implement treatments to get rid of the nests and hiding places for all sorts of pests, whether insects or rodents.

Once we have finished with our pest control treatment, your dedicated expert will work with you to help prevent pests in the future, whether it's setting up follow up preventative pest solutions you can do yourself around your property to make your place less favorable to pests.

How to prevent pests

Each incident of a pest infestation is unique. Different pests infest properties in different ways and have different breeding cycles. The type of property you have can change the way we provide preventative pest control services. However, there are some basic preventive pest control and prevention methods you can implement yourself.

  • Make sure your home and property is free of holes and spaces leading outside. Insects and rodents can get inside from the smallest spaces, so make sure you seal up cracks, repair holes in siding, repair roofing tiles and make sure doors go down to the ground. Repair screens, too.
  • Keep vegetation under control. There are insects, rodents and wildlife that find overgrown grass and plants as the perfect place to nest and infest buildings. Keeping trees and plants away from the side of the house and the rooftops can prevent pests like rats or mice from getting inside.
  • Remove debris from your property. Wasps, bees, rodents and other pests can use any kind of debris or things left in the yard. Old barbecue grills, lawnmowers or other things left in the backyard become the perfect place for pests to hide.
  • Lock up food. If you have pets outdoors, make sure their food is secured when you feed them. Inside, store food in sealed containers. Food left out on counters, on the porch and dropped on the floor can create the perfect environment for pests.

Rentokil Steritech pest prevention is ready to help

If you have a pest control problem around your property you need to contact a pest prevention specialist. We will conduct a property inspection, find the problem and offer the pest removal solutions to get rid of pests. We will then provide you with complete advice and information to prevent pests from coming back.

The first step is contact your local Rentokil Steritech Pest Control office and set up an appointment.