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For more than 85 years, Rentokil Steritech has been trusted to solve the pest control problems of Pennsylvania businesses and residential homeowners. Our office throughout the Quaker State is staffed by experienced technicians. Our PA pest experts know the areas they service and how to effectively treat the most common pests in your area.

Our office provides customizable solutions for a wide spectrum of nuisance pests, including ants, spiders, bed bugs, termites, mice, rats and pest birds like pigeons and seagulls to name a few.

Bed Bug Control in Pennsylvania

Bed bugs are a common problem for residents and business owners Pennsylvania. They sneak into houses, apartments and businesses just like yours. It doesn’t take long for populations of bed bugs to explode. The brownish insects hide in furniture, carpeting and mattresses so they can feed on blood from human beings at night.

If you wake up and find that you have red bite marks on your arms, torsos, neck or legs, then you might have bed bugs. These pests can be hard to see and track, so the best bet is to call in the local Pennsylvania bed bug control specialists at Rentokil Steritech.

Contact your local bed bug control specialist at Renotkil Steritech today to set up an appointment. We have the training, tools and treatments that will stop a bed bug infestation and prevent them from coming back.

Spider Control Pennsylvania

People don’t want spider infestations in or around their homes or properties. Spider webs can collect dust, dirt and other debris, making the property look dirty and shabby. There are also some species of spider, although very rare, that can inflict dangerous bites if disturbed.

If you are finding spider webs or live spiders in your Pennsylvania residence then call Rentokil Steritech. Our local spider specialists are ready to inspect your home, including attics, basements and crawlspaces. We will inspect all of the areas where spiders commonly infest and arachnids and their webs.

Rentokil Steritech spider treatment options will get rid of the spiders around your property. We also can provide effective spider prevention methods, too. Contact your local Pennsylvania Rentokil Steritech office today!