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Pest control services for offices

The office is the last place people want to see pests.

Your office needs to be a place where your employees feel safe. A pest infestation can disrupt your office and put employees at risk. Whether it’s a rodent or insect, many pests are capable of spreading disease, contaminating food and damaging property. Every office needs office pest management services to protect against infestation threats. Rentokil Steritech will provide effective pest control in offices so you can work at ease.

Most Common Office Pests

While offices experience a great diversity of pests, they are more susceptible to a few types of pest than others:

Flies — Offices often experience issues with flies, whether in cubicles or in a shared kitchen. Flies can be a great annoyance to employees and give visitors the impression that the office is not very hygienic. Our fly control solutions are proven to quickly remove infestations.

MiceMice are a very common intruder in offices as they are attracted to spaces inhabited by people. In addition to feeding on refuse, mice will chew on electrical wires and have even been found to cause fires.

Pest control in offices

Rentokil Steritech Technicians are held to the highest standards in the pest control industry. When your office is visited by a Rentokil Steritech Technician, rest assured knowing that they will be state-licensed to perform office pest control services. All our Technicians must pass an Integrated Pest Management course from Purdue University.

National Coverage for Multiple Offices

Do you manage the facilities of multiple offices? Whether you need pest control offices located in a specific local area or throughout the country, Rentokil Steritech can provide reliable service to all your locations in North America. Our key accounts team will help make sure that all your offices receive the same great pest protection, no matter where they are located.

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