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Licensed North Carolina Exterminators

Rest assured that your local Rentokil Steritech pest control professionals in North Carolina can protect your home or business from pests. All our technicians are required to hold state-licenses and are certified to provide green pest control treatments. The Tar Heel State faces many invasive pests that infest properties year round. Some of the most common pests in NC include stinging insects like bees and wasps and rodents like mice and rats.

The technician that visits your property will treat your home or business with absolute respect. Rentokil Steritech will exhaust non-chemical means of treatment before recommending the use of pesticides. All treatments we provide are safe for people and pets.

Bed Bug Control North Carolina

When you discover bed bug bite marks or other signs of an infestation, you don't want to wait to get rid of them. Just a few bed bugs can create a large infestation very quickly. The pests can spread throughout a home or into multiple apartments in buildings. Unless you have professional expertise and tools, finding bed bugs and getting rid of them is very difficult.

Fortunately your North Carolina bed bug control specialists are right nearby. Find a local office in NC near you by contacting Rentokil Steritech today. Our highly trained and expertly equipped bed bug specialists will inspect your property to identify and get rid of bed bugs.

The first step is to contact your Rentokil Steritech pest control experts and schedule an appointment for a full site inspection. Then your pest specialists will discuss bed bug treatment options with you to make sure you are bed bug free and stay that way.

Fly Control in North Carolina

Flies are filthy creatures. Certain species of flies, like bottle flies and flesh flies, are known to land on and eat rotten food and even carcasses from dead animals. Flies gather bacteria and, if they get inside your home or business, can track that bacteria into your food preparation areas and spread disease.

For businesses, a fly infestation is a serious problem and could ruin your reputation if you own an restaurant, hotel or cafe. In residential properties, flies can spread illness around your home. A fly infestation can indicate that something is rotten around your home. Stop flies from spreading by calling the North Carolina fly control experts nearby at Rentokil Steritech.

Our North Carolina-licensed experts will make sure to find any possible fly breeding grounds. We will work with you to come up with an effective treatment for removal and prevention. Contact your local Rentokil Steritech fly experts today!

Spiders at your North Carolina property?

You may see spiders at your North Carolina property, and although these pests can eat insects (a helpful practice), they can scare people. Even worse, if spiders or spider webs are present at your business, customers may think your property lacks good sanitation. This could certainly harm your brand, particularly if you run a hotel or restaurant.

While most spiders do not pose threats to human health, there are a few exceptions, like the brown recluse spider. If you have been bitten and are in a great deal of pain or experience serious symptoms, contact a medical professional.

Rentokil Steritech spider control experts can get rid of spiders at your North Carolina property. We will inspect the building and can help you understand how to keep your property from drawing spiders in. We can remove spider webs as well.

Bee control in North Carolina

Although the capacity of bees to pollinate plants is a great benefit, bees can also create fear among people who experience allergic reactions to stings. In addition, a bee hive at a commercial property could even create a hazard for customers. You should not try to get rid of bees on your North Carolina property without the help of a bee professional who understands how to remove bees.

At Rentokil Steritech, our specialists are prepared to get rid of bees. We also wear bee suits to stay safe when dealing with bees. Reach out to us today if you are located in North Carolina and have noticed a high amount of bees. We will take care of the issue so you will not need to be afraid of possible health risks.

Cockroach control in North Carolina

If you think you have a cockroach problem, you need to address it immediately. A cockroach sighting in your commercial property in particular could damage your brand’s reputation for the future. One issue with cockroaches is that they can contaminate food, and a property with cockroaches can have an undesirable smell.

Rentokil Steritech is experienced in cockroach control. Our licensed professionals will eliminate any cockroach problems in your North Carolina facilities. The process begins with an inspection of the property and surrounding area. Then your dedicated specialist will give a recommendation for treatment. We will make sure your cockroach issues are resolved so you can continue business as usual.