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Rentokil Steritech is a respected New York state pest control provider, delivering unrivaled levels of customer service excellence. Homeowners and businesses trust Rentokil Steritech specialists to keep their properties pest free throughout the year.

We are a full-service pest control company with targeted treatments for mice, rats, pest birds, mosquitoes, cockroaches, bed bugs and many more pests. Our specialists provide property owners in New York with pest control solutions that work with their schedule and that remove pests and prevent their return.

From Manhattan to Upstate New York, our NY offices are staffed by specialists who live in the communities they serve. We bring local expertise and highly advanced pest control technology to every pest issue we encounter. Give us a call today to see how we can help.

Bed Bug Control New York

Bed bugs are no fun. They are very adaptable, which means they can be found in almost any kind of furniture, bed, carpets and bed clothes. You could end up with a bed bug infestation in a business, hotel, restaurant, or your home. You'll most likely not realize you have a bed bug problem until you see the bites on your body.

Because bed bugs are so good at hiding in any crevice or space where they can fit their flat, tiny, bodies, missing only a few pests during treatment can result in a re-infestation. That's where the bed bug control specialists at Rentokil Steritech can help. We use the latest technology to find where they're hiding and provide an effective solution.

Whether it's heat treatments, chemical treatments or the use of bed bug dogs, we have the latest methods of bed bug control. Contact the local Rentokil Steritech New York office nearest to you to setup an inspection.

Cockroach Control New York

Cockroaches are common pests across New York state, and especially in large cities such as New York City, Albany and Buffalo. Cockroaches are very hardy insects that breed fast, which can result in a full-on infestation very quickly.

Although cockroaches rarely bite, they will walk through filthy areas, such as garbage cans and dumpsters. They seek out food and shelter in warm areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens. The last thing you want are cockroaches running across your kitchen counters.

Rentokil Steritech will help you find out where cockroaches are hiding and then recommend reliable ways to remove them from your home or property. Rentokil Steritech specialists are the experts in cockroach detection and removal. We work with businesses and homeowners to make sure they are free from cockroaches and cockroach infestations.