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Mice FAQs

  • What do mice eat?

    Anything! They may prefer cereal based foodstuffs, but they will try anything.

  • What attracts mice?

    Abundance of food and opportunities to find places to shelter and to explore.

  • How to keep mice away?

    Proof them out! Find any potential entry points - mice can squeeze under a gap 1cm high by 2cm wide. Electronic repellers are of dubious value and your cat may be bring in as many live mice as dead ones.

  • How long do mice live?

    Mice generally have a lifespan of up to around 18 months. Probably less than a year in the wild.

  • How often do mice reproduce?

    Mice can give birth when they are two months old and can have babies 6 to 10 times per year.

  • How many babies do mice have?

    Between 3 to 16 pups per litter — with 1-2 months between litters.

  • What diseases do mice carry?

    Anything they pick up from their environment, including food poisoning organisms (eg e coli, salmonella). In some countries they may carry diseases such as hantavirus and Lyme disease.

  • Can I get ill from being near or in contact with a mouse?

    It depends on the species, but some mice can carry germs in their urine which can cause illness and allergies. They can also spread disease through ticks, fleas and mites. This is why professional mouse control is so important.

  • Do mice bite?

    Yes - although it's fairly rare.

  • How do mice get in?

    Through any hole they can squeeze through including, potentially, roof eaves. Or brought in live by the cat!

  • How small can a hole be for a mouse to squeeze through?

    A 0.6cm gap is enough for a mouse. Proofing your home, by sealing gaps, plays a critical role in helping to deter mice and prevent a possible infestation.

  • How can I get rid of mice?

    You can get rid of mice by using mouse traps. Professional solutions offer the most efficient way to control and keep mice away. 

  • How to get rid of mice in walls?

    They will come out to feed and to explore, and that's when to bait / trap them. A professional may have other tools that they can use inside the walls, but these are specialist materials and not available to the public.

  • How to kill mice?

    Rodenticide bait — prebaited inside containers to prevent consumption by children or pets. Placed where the mice are running — usually behind or under furniture or cabinets. If you want to kill them more swiftly you can use snap traps, but make sure they are placed where they cannot cause any harm. Live traps can also be used, but you are responsible for checking them and releasing trapped mice before they die — and beware they might come straight back! Or you could hire a professional to come sort out the problem for you.

  • What do field mice eat?

    There are many species of 'field mouse'. Mostly on crops and berries and other items in the Summer.

  • How to repel mice?

    You can't — you have to proof them out.

  • How to catch mice?

    Place traps where mice are running behind or under furniture or cabinets, to intercept their path. Almost any food can be used as bait, but chocolate, peanut butter, jam should work quite well.

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