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Experience matters and when it comes to the ever-changing profession of pest removal services. That's why the Rentokil Steritech certified team of Technicians have years of experience in providing the Memphis, TN, area with the most reliable and effective pest control services. We know the latest methods to safely, thoroughly, remove any pests that you might find on your property.

All of Shelby County is our home and where we offer our services. We cover the entire Memphis area, but also cities like Bartlett and Germantown. We are proud to have become one of the most trusted names in pest control in the state of Tennessee.

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Licensed, Certified Pest Control Specialists

Every day we deal with pests from insects to rodents and other wildlife. Insects can cause health problems and some can damage your property, which is also true of rodents and animals. All of these nuisances take skills, tools and techniques to remove in an effective way so that we not only stop the infestation, but provide year-round protection for you and your family.

No matter what pests you find, we can help, but we see some of the same pests consistently such as stored product insects like moths and a whole host of beetles. We can remove spiders and their webs from crawl spaces, surrounding buildings, basements and more. We also stop birds from nesting and leaving droppings all over your property by using humane methods such as nets and spikes.