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Your local pest experts at Rentokil Steritech have long served communities throughout the great state of Maryland, offering effective pest treatments for homes and commercial buildings. Rentokil Steritech takes a customer-focused approach to pest control and strictly follows MD state and federal pest control safety guidelines.

Our Maryland pest control experts are ready to help you with the pest problems that are causing you distress. Don’t rely on using DIY pest control solutions. Trust the trained experts at Rentokil Steritech in pest control that are right around the corner.

Maryland residents rely on our exterminators for solutions and advice that keep their families, pets, employees and customers safe from pests. Some of the more frequently encountered pests in Maryland, include bed bugs, rats, mice, termites and mosquitoes. Reach out to your local Rentokil Steritech office for answers to your pest problems today.

Bed Bug Control Maryland

All over Maryland there are residents dealing with waking up in the morning with tiny red marks on their necks, torsos, arms and legs. Those bites are more than likely bed bug bites, since the insects feed at night and prefer to make their homes in bed clothing, mattresses, furniture and any place they can be near a blood meal.

Rentokil Steritech specialists are the bed bug control and prevention experts. We will inspect your property using the latest methods to find where bed bugs are hiding and then offer solutions that will get rid of bed bugs during all of their life stages.

Our Maryland bed bug control specialists will arrive on time, ready to help, but you have to call us first. We will schedule an appointment that works for you.

Cockroach Control Maryland

Turning on a light in the kitchen or bathroom in your home and seeing the brown insects scurrying for shelter is a frightening and disturbing experience. Cockroaches have been around for longer than human beings have been, so they are very good at adapting to climates and other situations. They are hard to find and if you see a couple of cockroaches, you could have hundreds more hidden away.

The Rentokil Steritech Maryland team is ready to help you with whatever cockroach problems you might have. We seek out the hiding places, no matter what cracks or crevices they are using. Our trained Maryland-licensed exterminators will remove the cockroach infestation and look for ways to prevent them from coming back.

Reach out to the Rentokil Steritech office near you today for more details on our cockroach treatment solutions.