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In the manufacturing industry the presence of pests can ruin your reputation and do untold damage to your business. Although most people consider pests like rodents, ants, cockroaches and other pest as nuisances, they are much more than that. Pests can be disease vectors and cause potentially serious health problems for employees and even customers.

Clean Manufacturing

In clean manufacturing facilities, even the smallest pest issues are unacceptable. Whether its biotechnology, scientific research, or manufacturing, one pest in a cleanroom means contamination and could potentially damage products, invalidate work, and cause large dollar losses. Learn more about how businesses who require cleanrooms can depend on Rentokil Steritech’s methods to help.

Prevent Work Stoppage

Stop pests from causing work stoppages, creating safety issues, bringing expensive shutdowns, recalls, fines or lawsuits by using the trained pest control experts at Rentokil Steritech. We use the latest methods and training to ensure that pests are removed and then set up a comprehensive pest prevention plan that stops them from returning.

Rentokil Steritech's Professional Pest Control Service

Rentokil Steritech's technicians use the most innovative products, equipment, and treatment methods, to eradicate infestations at your manufacturing facility. Once the threat has been removed we make sure to implement effective preventive maintenance and monitoring programs to stop further pest invasions. 

We can help deal with the most common manufacturing pests such as cockroaches, ants, rats, and mice. We also have experience dealing with flying insects, birds, and stored product insects.

Call the Experts

The first step is to call in the Rentokil Steritech manufacturing pest experts and get your facility and property inspected. Call us at 1-800-837-5520 of you can use our convenient online contact form to schedule an appointment.