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Common pests such as insects, rodents and birds can be nuisance to property owners all over Lincoln, NE, but they can also pose serious health risks. Rodents and birds can carry diseases and certain insects can cause property damage. 

We make sure that our exterminators are fully capable of handling any pest that can show up inside your home or business. Nebraska has varying pest control needs depending on the weather or season. Fortunately, help is always just a phone call away with our team.

So that we can help solve your pest problem, give us a call at (402) 205-1033 or reach us online for a free consultation.

Local Pest Control Solultions

In the summer the hot weather in Lincoln, NE, can bring certain insects and pests indoors. When the weather turns cold, entirely new threats show up and can be just as serious. Our licensed Technicians will exterminate all of them in safe, effective ways that stop the scourge and prevent pests from coming back.

For example, birds can leave droppings that result in damaged property and even spread disease. We use humane methods that stop them from nesting near your home. During the spring and summer, we also eliminate wasps, bed bugs and spiders. When it gets cold outside, we take care of mice and other pests that seek warmth and shelter inside your property.