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Pest Control Idaho

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Exterminator Service in Idaho

Idaho has a number of pests that homeowners and businesses deal with regularly, sometimes on a daily basis. It can be a real problem to try and handle ants, spiders, bees, wasps or rodents on your own. When you have a pest problem, you want prompt, reliable, local pest control service.

Fortunately, Renotkil Steritech's Idaho pest control experts are right nearby because we live in the communities that we serve. That means our highly trained pest control specialists are there for you to give you expert pest control methods and prevention programs.

Contact your local Rentokil Steritech Idaho pest control expert today and schedule a free initial property inspection. We are ready to help you with your pest problems today!

Bed Bug Control in Idaho

Bed bugs feed on blood while people are sleeping and totally unaware. These pests are very small and feed I way that most people don't feel anything. Red bite marks on your arms, torso, neck and other body areas are often the only indication of an infestation..

Bed bugs are hard to find and they can be very tricky to remove. They are experts at hiding well and are easy to miss without professional expertise.  Rentokil Steritech's Idaho pest control experts are taught by trained entomologists about the life cycle and behavior of bed bugs through all life stages. Your local Rentokil Steritech office can offer effective treatment that will remove them during all their life stages. 

Contact your local Rentokil Steritech bed bug control expert for a property inspection today!

Tick Control Idaho

All it takes is a walk through the woods or tall grass and you could end up bringing home an unwanted visitor - a tick. Ticks climb to the tops of tall grass and wave their front legs (tipped with tiny barbs) around, that allow them to grasp on to a person’s leg, hairs, clothing. Ticks will crawl around on their hosts looking for a good place to pierce the skin and latch onto a blood vessel to feed. A couple of ticks in your home can quickly lead to an infestation.

Ticks are known as disease carriers for people and for animals. Lyme disease has been linked conclusively to deer ticks. Ticks will also feed on your pets. Tick bites on your dog can result in the transmission of heartworm. Ticks are a serious problem and if you find them in your home, you want to get rid of them fast.

Fortunately, Idaho residents can give the experts in tick control a calk. Our highly trained tick control specialists will inspect your property, find where the ticks are hiding, offer services that will remove the infestation and offer advice on how to avoid the pests in the future.