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GFSI Global Food Safety Conference 2017

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Food safety webinar series for food processors

When it comes to food safety at food processing facilities, Rentokil Steritech is always looking for ways to educate our customers on ways to leverage the latest technologies and how those technologies can be beneficial support in an industry that continues to face evolving, strict food safety and quality regulations.

This Food Safety Webinar Series explores how technology and Internet of Things (IoT) have a significant impact on the food supply chain – all the way from the farm to the individual buying food from a retail outlet.

The series is divided into two main topics, broken into three parts each.

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The impact of IoT for food processors

Our global food supply chain can make food safety programs complex and challenging to manage. Innovations in technology and data management can play a key role in ensuring high standards of food safety. Recent advances in IoT technology also allow properties to think differently about pest control and preventative pest management programs.

  • Part 1: IoT - What it is and how it is impacting food safety
  • Part 2: IoT - What does the future hold?
  • Part 3: How Rentokil Steritech uses IoT solutions to keep food processors pest-free

How technology and IoT can support food safety audits

As regulations continue to evolve, an enormous amount of pressure is put on food processing facilities to keep up with the stringent demands in order to not only remain compliant but also to retain business. Data has transformed the way companies make critical decisions, so food processors should look to their vendors to provide them with useful data that can make your audit experience much more seamless.

  • Part 1: Using the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to reduce the risk of pest issues in food manufacturing
  • Part 2: How to Ensure GFSI and FSMA Audit Success in Food Manufacturing
  • Part 3: How To Recover From a Food Safety Audit Fail