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Fly Control

A fly infestation in your home or business is much more than a minor annoyance. Non-biting flies like house flies and fruit flies are known to spread a number of diseases, including salmonella and E. coli. Flies are a common cause of food contamination and food poisoning. When flies infest your property and land on surfaces, they can spread all the bacteria and pathogens they have on their bodies.

Flies infestations can quickly spread throughout a home. Hiring an experienced company that provides fly control services is a homeowner's best bet to eliminate the presence of flies and prevent infestations from recurring.

The presence of flies is widely considered unsightly and could harm the reputation of a business. Fly control is especially important for businesses that handle food, including restaurants, food processing facilities, hotels, grocery stores, hospitals, schools, etc.

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Fly Fact: Fly infestations frequently begin with a garbage can. An infested garbage can may result in 30,000 blow flies in a single week.

How Rentokil Steritech Provides Fly Control Treatments

Rentokil Steritech Technicians use treatments shown to be the most effective at getting rid of fly infestations. Get to know Rentokil Steritech’s customer-focused process to fly control below:

  • 1) Inspection - A locally-based Technician familiar with the fly species in your area will conduct a proper and thorough inspection of your property.

  • 2) Identification - Your Technician knows how to accurately identify the species of fly in your property and the breeding site where the flies are developing.

  • 3) Treatment Recommendation - Once the type of fly and breeding site is identified, your Technician will make a treatment recommendation that is designed for that specific fly species. In addition to the treatment, your Technician will also make recommendations on steps you can take to make your property less attractive to flies. Treatment options can range from changes in sanitation to insect light traps to drain-line services.

  • 4) Follow Up - After the initial treatment has been applied, your Technician will remain in contact and schedule a follow-up visit if warranted. You can always call 1-800-837-5520 and speak with a Rentokil Steritech pest representative if you have questions.

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4. Aftercare

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How To Get Rid of Flies

A fly infestation can develop very easily. All it takes is a open door or broken window screen and flies can gain access to your property. If flies have access to food and water, they can thrive indoors and quickly breed. There are many different types of fly species in the U.S. that can infest properties but some of the more common types include:

  • Fruit Flies (Drosophila species)
  • Bluebottle Flies (Calliphora vomitoria)
  • Drain Flies (Psychodidae family)
  • Cluster Flies (Pollenia rudis)
  • House Flies (Musca domestica)
  • Flesh Flies (Sarcophagidae family)

Successfully getting rid of flies is best left to pest control professionals as do-it-yourself methods are very unreliable and will not protect your property from re-infestations. Rentokil Steritech offers a full range of fly control solutions that are designed to keep our customers fly-free.

  • Insect Light Traps - Certain types of flies are attracted to certain wavelengths of ultraviolet light. Rentokil Steritech’s series of Lumina Insect Light Traps. Featuring an attractive design and enhance catch rate, the units’ adhesive film automatically wind up to manage risk of contamination from dead insects.

  • Fly Baits & Liquid Formulations - Depending on the type of fly infesting your property and the severity of the problem, your technician may recommend the use of a fly bait or liquid formulation application. Rentokil Steritech Technicians are state-licensed applicators that are trained to strictly apply treatments by the label.

  • Exclusion - If flies can continually gain access to your property, it can be very difficult to get rid of flies for good. Rentokil Steritech Technicians can advise you on ways you can better exclude flies from gaining entry. Flies are attracted to the heat and odors radiating from buildings. After surveying your building, your Technician may recommend the addition of self-closing doors, fixing screens or investing in air curtains to prevent flies from getting indoors.


Large flies can be a particular nuisance and include types of horse flies, house flies and flesh flies, among others. They are unsanitary and can damage your businesses' reputation. 

Our large fly service starts with the outside of your building where large flies prefer to breed. We find the fly bot spots, like dumpsters and along fence lines to create a baiting program to eliminate large flies before they have a chance to enter your facility. 

Inside, we will use lighted fly traps and use additional methods to ensure that large flies are completely removed from your facility,


Small flies are often seen as a sign that your property and facility is unsanitary. That's why our small fly control solutions look for the things that attract these types of flies such as decaying matter that often builds up in drains. 

Our experts will analyze your facility to find where the flies are breeding and where the problem areas are. We will make sure to remove these flies and use methods and applications that will prevent them from returning and potentially hurting your reputation.

What Causes Fly Infestations?

Below are a few factors that can cause a fly infestation in your home or business:

  • Sanitation - Without practicing good sanitation, effective fly control can prove to be very difficult. Your Rentokil Steritech Technician will advise you on how can avoid flies breeding indoors with straightforward sanitation best practices such as cleaning spills and washing out garbage cans. The more hygenic you keep your interior the less likely a fly infestation will be.

  • Animal Carcasses - A decaying animal carcass outside or inside a property is a common cause of fly infestations. A dead squirrel or mouse in a attic can result in a home developing a serious fly problem. Likewise, a dead animal carcass in close proximity to a building may be responsible for a serious fly problem.

  • Decaying Vegetation - Fly problems are also known to be caused by vegetation that is decaying either on the property or in an adjacent property.

  • Bird Droppings - Flies may also be attracted to your property if your building is experiencing an infestation of birds, like pigeons or seagulls. Flies are attracted to bird droppings. It is best to clean up bird droppings or contact Rentokil Steritech to find out more about bird deterrents and repellents.