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Florida Exterminators

Rentokil Steritech has offices throughout the state of Florida all dedicated to protecting businesses and homes from pests. The state of Florida experiences high pest pressures year round. Insects like mosquitoes, ants and termites are common nuisances to Floridians along with rodents like mice.

Contact Rentokil Steritech online whenever pest problems arise or for preventative services in FL. The technician that services your property is always locally based, so they understand the unique pest environments of your area.

Bed Control Florida

Bed bugs like the warm weather that we get here in Florida. They thrive and multiply rapidly in the humidity that is a trademark of the state. For homeowners, bed bugs can quickly become a residence-wide infestation. The pests will sneak out at night and feed upon those sleeping peacefully in their beds. Because bed bugs are so small and very good at hiding, bed bugs are hard to see.

Bed bugs in Florida are stubborn insects and hard to get rid of. It takes training to find all of their hiding places and special treatment methods to make sure bed bugs are completely removed. Rentokil Steritech has a team of Florida bed bug control specialists that are to find the bed bugs on your property and eliminate them.

To get the latest bed bug detection, removal and prevention methods for your property, contact your local Rentokil Steritech specialists today!

Cockroach Control in Florida

Floridians are very familiar with the problem posed by cockroaches. Our tropical weather means that we often get cockroaches that other parts of the country don't have to deal with. Our roaches tend to be bigger and some of them even fly. Just a couple of cockroaches around your Florida home or business can create a huge infestation quickly.

Rentokil Steritech has cockroach control specialists in Florida who receive ongoing education on the biology and behavior of these insects. We will search cabinets, cupboards, kitchens, basements and anywhere else that cockroaches like to hide in. Our specialists live and work in Florida so they are very familiar with the best treatment options for cockroach species in your area.

The first step is to get your property inspected. Rentokil Steritech is just a call away. Allow one of our experts survey your pest situation and offer you cockroach treatment options. Contact us today!