Cockroach Infestation


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What Do Cockroaches Look Like?

Cockroaches are found all over the planet and if you live in a city, it is likely that you have seen them in the alleys, among the garbage cans or even running around your home. They are unsanitary scavengers that have been a pest humans have battled for centuries.

There are so many varieties of cockroach and so many many sizes, shapes and colors that it can be hard to identify them. If you find insects scurrying around your kitchen cabinets, beneath the sink or in the pantry, it is very difficult to identify the pest accurately? How can you tell the difference between a cockroach and a variety of beetle or weevil? What do cockroaches look like?

Cockroach Description

Cockroaches are six-legged insects and, according to scientists, they have remained pretty much the same as they were back when dinosaurs roamed the planet.

Cockroaches have:

  • Six legs
  • Flat bodies
  • A thorax with three segments
  • An abdomen with ten segments
  • Large compound eyes
  • Two large, flexible antennae
  • A tough exoskeleton
  • Wings
  • Small claws at the end of their legs

They range in size from about an inch long to some species that can be up to three inches long. The heaviest cockroach can weigh more than 30 g.

Bugs that Look Like Cockroaches

There are a number of insects that are commonly confused with cockroaches. It is important to know exactly what pests are in the home or on the property in order to provide the right pest control program and services.

Ground Beetles

Similar in shape and color as cockroaches. Close examination shows the head and body are differently shaped. Many beetles, such as June Bugs, can fly and do so often. Cockroaches rarely fly.

Water Bugs

Often confused with cockroaches, they look very similar as they have roughly the same shape and color. However, water bugs are blood-feeding insects and are generally larger than roaches. Water bugs prefer to be around water.


Their size and shape can cause confusion among homeowners. Cricket's have differently shaped legs and many species are smaller and darker in color than cockroaches. The back legs allow them to jump high and far.

The Pest Control Professionals

The best way to make sure that the insects that you find around your home are cockroaches is to call in the experts like our highly trained technicians at Rentokil Steritech. We are cockroach experts and can identify which insect is infesting your home or business. We can discuss the proper cockroach control and prevention methods that will work best for your property.

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