Cockroach Control


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Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are the oldest surviving insect form on the planet and the United States is home to about 70 different types of cockroaches.

Some of the common roach species we find in the US include the American cockroach (Periplaneta americana), Oriental cockroach (Blatta orientalis) and Brown Banded cockroach (Supella longipalpa).

Dating back nearly 350 million years, cockroaches are notorious for being extremely difficult to get rid of indoors.

Besides being a nuisance and frightening people, there are more harmful reasons why cockroach control is a necessity when you first spot the signs that you may have an infestation. Roaches carry disease-causing microorganisms on their bodies that can contaminate surfaces and foodstuffs.

Cockroaches are also a major concern due to the fact they produce several very potent allergens that have been linked to the development of asthma. In fact, cockroaches are the number one cause of allergies among inner city children, and 26% of the US population is said to be allergic to cockroaches. Fortunately, research has proven that good cockroach prevention and control can reduce the level of those allergens in infested buildings.

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Cockroach Facts: No head? No problem. A testament to the insects’ hardiness, studies have found that a cockroach can live without its head for weeks.

How Rentokil Steritech Provides Cockroach Treatments

For over 90 years, Rentokil Steritech has been providing reliable cockroach control services to customers. When you contact Rentokil Steritech about a potential roach problem, a Technician will visit your property and conduct an exhaustive inspection of the premises.

Our Technicians are trained to find the most common cockroach hiding spots and signs of cockroach activity. A Technician may also place sticky traps on the premises to allow for continuous monitoring as cockroaches are nocturnal.

If cockroaches are present on your property, your Technician will identify the cockroach species and recommend the most appropriate treatment plan. A number of factors will play into the treatment plan, including:

  • Species of cockroach
  • Type of property (example: a commercial business that serves food versus a home)
  • Type of environment
  • Severity of the infestation

Depending on these factors, your cockroach treatment plan may include a variety of baiting and non-chemical solutions that are designed at eliminating infestations.

After an initial treatment is applied, your Technician will schedule a follow-up service depending on the severity of the cockroach problem.

How To Prevent Cockroaches

Sanitation is a critical component for managing many of our common pest concerns , but it is especially true for cockroach control to be successful. Good sanitation will help to eliminate food, water, and shelter: the 3 basic necessities for cockroaches. Good sanitation stresses the cockroaches, can alter their normal behavior and make them easier targets for our control efforts.

For example, when stressed and starved, the German cockroach (Blatella germanica) will search more actively for food. In that case, the stressed cockroach will not only be more susceptible to the actions of the insecticide, but its increased foraging for food will make it more likely to bump into a bait placement or residual insecticide on a surface.

Grease and other typical forms of buildup in the kitchens of homes and restaurants can also dramatically reduce the amount of time that a residual spray application is effective. Good sanitation also includes exclusion, or “roach-proofing”, such as sealing cracks and crevices. This can reduce or eliminate potential hiding spots as well as invasion by roaches that are living outside the home.

In addition to practicing good sanitation, a few more steps customers can take to prevent cockroaches, include:

  • Make sure pet food is properly stored and not left out overnight
  • Eliminate hiding places by picking up trash, cardboard, lumber and miscellaneous debris
  • Clean trash cans routinely indoors and outdoors
  • Fix leaky faucets or pipes that provide cockroaches with a water source

The Most Common Cockroach Species

How To Get Rid of Cockroaches with Rentokil Steritech

Have you seen a cockroach in your home or business? Cockroaches breed very fast and a small infestation can quickly become a large-scale infestation. It is highly recommended to contact a pest control company with state-licensed Technicians like Rentokil Steritech to effectively control a cockroach problem.

Our Technicians are locally based and will be familiar with the species of cockroaches that most commonly infest properties in your area. Cockroaches can be highly persistent pest that requires professional expertise to effectively get rid of and keep from re-infesting.

If you have questions, please call 1-800-837-5220 to speak with a Rentokil Steritech representative.

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