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Pest Control California

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Pest Control Service in California

Rentokil Steritech offers pest control services in California for residential and commercial business customers. We provide extermination service for pests including: ants, termites, and wasps.

Book a free pest inspection or call today and let us know what your pest problem is. Our team of experts is ready to tackle your pest issue.

Bed Bug Control California

Bed bugs bite people in their sleep - like little vampires. They come out from their hiding places at night and find a way to feed on what they need to survive - blood. You likely won't even feel the bed bug feeding, but you may see the red bite marks the next morning when you wake up.

Rentokil Steritech has a full team of local California bed bug control specialists that can help you with your bed bug infestation. It only takes a couple of bed bugs that manage to get into your home to become a full-blown infestation very fast. That's why your best bet to get rid of bed bugs in all of their life stages is by calling your local California pest control specialist.

Our highly trained professionals will provide you with a detailed property inspection and find the infesting bed bugs. Your dedicated specialist will then provide reliable treatment options for you. Contact us today.

Spider Control California

California's warm climate means that we have to deal with  all kinds of spiders year round. Fortunately, there are very few California spiders that present a biting risk. However, a spider infestation around your home or property means dusty and debris-strewn webs that can make things looks messy and unkempt.

Spiders build their webs to capture their food, leaving behind insect husks and debris. Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, the sight of spider webs is unsightly. Rentokil Steritech's California spider specialists can help remove the spiders and their webs as well as keeping the pests from returning.

Get a free property inspection and discuss your spider issues with your local California Rentokil Steritech pest control expert.