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The people who call Buffalo, NY, home know that, depending on the time of the year, there are pests that can enter a home or business. These pests can range from a nuisance to a health risk. Insects and rodents cause property damage, can aggravate conditions like asthma, and carry numerous diseases.

Rentokil Steritech is the trusted source for Buffalo pest control services. We find the pests and remove them from property all over Erie County. Our pest control professionals are local and can help customers in Buffalo, Lackewanna, Tonawanda, Amherst, Cheektowaga and more.

To get things started give us a call at (716) 201-0166 or contact us online to set up an appointment.

Buffalo, NY, Pest Control Solutions

Pests come in all shapes, sizes and forms. They can range from tiny flying and crawling insects to larger animals. They become a pest when they cause damage to property, vegetation and crops, or carry a potential health risk to families.

At Rentokil we strive to provide effective pest control services that takes an integrated pest management approach. That means searching the entire property, finding the source of the problem, eliminating the pest and stopping them from returning.

Some of the common pests that we can deal with in Buffalo, NY, include:

  • Mosquitoes - stop them from invading your yard and home.
  • Mice and rats - stop rodents from destroying property and bringing health risks into your building.
  • Fleas and ticks - protect your pets and your family from these parasitic insects.
  • Bees and wasps - eliminate stinging insects from your property.