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For reliable Arizona pest control for your home or business, there is a local Rentokil Steritech specialist ready to help. We are highly trained and equipped to analyze your property and deal with most pest issues. Whether it's spiders, birds, wildlife, rodents, roaches or other pests, we have a solution.

Our Arizona Rentokil Steritech specialists will provide you with a free initial property inspection to find out what pests are in your home or building and help come up with a solution to remove them. We will also provide solutions to keep pests from returning.

Contact your local pest control specialists at Rentokil Steritech today.

Bed Bug Control Arizona

Bed bugs are menace spreading around the country. A few decades ago, bed bugs were not very common in Arizona., but have been on the rise in recent years.

Bed bugs feed on blood and they prefer human blood and will infest mattresses, carpets, sheets, behind framed photos on the wall and even electrical sockets. That makes them hard to find and very hard to get rid of.

Fortunately, Rentokil Steritech has bed bug control specialists near you on call. Backed by global expertise, our experts will identify the bed bugs on site and get rid of the pests in an efficient manner. Contact your local office today!

Scorpion Control Arizona

One thing that comes with living in Arizona is occasionally encountering scorpions. Scorpions are native to the area, including, the Arizona Bark Scorpion. Scorpions often come out at night and find their way into homes. Bark scorpions can even pose a health risk, especially to people allergic to stings.

Scorpions will use just about any crack or crevice they find to get inside. They are looking for dark, warm, places to hide out and they sometimes end up in shoes or places where they might run into people. If you have a problem with scorpions on your property call the local scorpion control experts right nearby at Rentokil Steritech.

Rentokil Steritech’s Arizona-licensed specialists will provide a full property inspection and offer a solution to eliminate the infestation. Contact us today.