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Atypical Ants

Rentokil Steritech technicians are experts in all kinds of ants and ant control services. While we can handle ants invading your home or business that are typical of North America, there are ants that get imported into this country and can create just as much of a problem. 

Our ant control services can handle the atypical ant invasion as well as more standard ant problems like , and . We find where they are getting in, track down their nests, remove the problem, get rid of the nests and offer prevention methods that will stop ants from returning.

Specialized Treatment Methods

Atypical ants usually require very specialized services. Whether that service is special safety equipment for the technicians or the fact that the ants themselves have specific biological needs in order to be eliminated. 

Ants like the Red Imported Fire Ant carry venom and are known to be very aggressive and to sting quickly. This requires special techniques and safety equipment to reduce the risk. 

Carpenter ants dig into wood structures around home and can cause serious damage and weaken wooden structures. This also requires special methods and techniques to ensure everyone's safety. 

Some ants, such as Pharaoh ants, ghost ants, Rasberry or crazy ants and white-footed ants are notorious for being very hard to remove. It takes specialized knowledge and methods to ensure an infestation has been completely removed.

Rentokil Steritech's Atypical Ant Experts

The technicians at Rentokil Steritech know the biology of all ants, typical or atypical, and arrive with the right equipment and methods necessary to stop ants and prevent their return. 

If you think you have an ant problem, call us at 1-800-837-5520 or contact us online to schedule an inspection so we can start treatment right away.

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