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Watch All is now proudly part of Rentokil Steritech, offering you the best local pest control available.

Watch All Pest Control History

Stephen Certa co-founded and was President of Watch All Pest Management for over 25 years. As a result of “Proposition 2 ½ “ and being laid off from teaching positions at Scituate High School in Scituate, MA, Stephen and his business partner Peter Comrack started C&C Contractors.

Their focus was the repair of insect and moisture related damage to homes. They quickly realized that they could couple this with the pest control business and obtained licenses to use pesticides and became Watch All.

While building the business, Stephen and Peter were able to look at the “big picture”, and quickly realized that there was a way to eliminate pest infestations and their damage by correcting the conditions that created moisture problems, which is now known in the industry as “Integrated Pest Management” (IPM).

Stephen was responsible for the pest management part of the business, while Peter oversaw the structural damage repair part of the business.

In 1987, with six trucks and seven employees performing residential work, they purchased a single-family residence, zoned for commercial use, remodeled it and it became their new office space.

By 1997, having outgrown the space and after two years of looking for the right place, in 1999, with Pete as the general contractor, their current office located at 408 Washington Street in Weymouth, MA., was built.

Watch All Today

Watch All, now doing business as Ehrlich, continues servicing the New England and Massachusetts area as part of Rentokil Steritech.

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