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Presto-X Pest Control

Presto-X has been providing dependable and expert pest control services since 1932 and became part of the Rentokil Steritech family in 2007. The company provides service to remove pests in the Midwest, Southwest, and South Central markets.

Presto-X History

Like many things that later become great, the company Presto-X started with very humble beginnings. Ward Combs was a man who had to get out and find a job after the tragic death of his father. Upon the recommendation of a local doctor, he began selling a substance used for rat pest control. Mr. Combs began mixing his insecticides in the X-Ray room of that same doctor's office, carrying them around in a little black bag.

In the 1950s, Presto-X was ready to expand and opened its first headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska and there has been no looking back since.

Presto-X As It Is Today

These days Presto-X is one of the leading experts in rat control, mouse control, fly control and other pest control services.

Presto-X has expanded to include most of the Midwest including Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Tennessee , Wyoming, Texas and Mississippi.

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