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Alpha Eden has been providing the Northwestern United States with the most ecologically sound pest control services for decades. Their unique approach to pest removal and control sets really them apart.

History of Alpha Ecological

Alpha Ecological opened their doors in 1986 with the first office being located in Portland, Oregon. Their attitude toward pest control services was a more holistic approach that did more than just kill the bugs that were infesting a home or commercial property. Instead, education and prevention were key factors to creating effective methods of pest control that would eliminate pests, but also prevent them from returning. The company has also developed a unique and targeted approach that is customized for each customer.

Since then, the company has grown and the main servicing office is now based out of Vancouver, Washington.

The Future of Alpha Ecological

Since January of 2017, Alpha-Eden has evolved to become part of the Western Exterminator Company. We will continue to offer our top quality, reliable, local pest control services under this new banner, which will add to our ability to remove and prevent pests for homes and businesses.  

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